1. Wrong Turn (Radio Edit) Eva Carboni 0:50
  2. Turning My Back On The Blues Eva Carboni 0:49
  3. River of Life Eva Carboni 0:39
  4. Unfinished Business Eva Carboni 0:54
  5. Forever Long (Orchestral Mix) Eva Carboni 0:50


  1. Wrong Turn (Radio Edit)
  2. Turning My Back On The Blues
  3. River of Life
  4. Unfinished Business
  5. Forever Long (Orchestral Mix)

Wrong Turn

Artist : Eva Carboni
Genre : blues
Format : CD

Eva Carboni returns with her great new gospel influenced 5-track EP, ‘Wrong Turn’. This limited edition CD also includes ‘Unfinished Business’, Turning My Back On The Blues’, ‘River of Life’, and ‘Forever Long (Orchestral Mix)’.