1. South Wind Blows Eva Carboni 0:48
  2. Stony Ground Eva Carboni 0:39
  3. In the Name of the Blues Eva Carboni 0:48
  4. That Devil Man Eva Carboni 0:32
  5. Independence Street Eva Carboni 0:36
  6. We Come Alive Eva Carboni 0:33


  1. South Wind Blows
  2. Stony Ground
  3. In the Name of the Blues
  4. That Devil Man
  5. Indipendence Street
  6. We Come Alive

In the Name of the Blues

Artist : Eva Carboni
Catalog ref. : MEPCD023
Format : CD

Eva is back with her new EP featuring a cool mix of blues, rock, and roots influenced music, including 4 new tracks + 2 bonus singles that haven’t featured on previous albums.
A limited edition CD is also available in the shop.