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Born in Sassari on the island of Sardinia, Eva Carboni is a Blues singer and songwriter. She studied at the prestigious Vocal Power Academy in Los Angeles, graduating in singing with the renowned vocal coach Elisabeth Howard.
In 2017 she began her collaboration with the British producer and songwriter Andy Littlewood and his label Mad Ears Productions, being guest vocalist on the track ‘River of Life’, by Blues rock guitarist Mick Simpson, and featured on his album ‘Black Rain’, which received airplay from Paul Jones (BBC Radio 2).
Since then Eva has recorded and released with Andy Littlewood two albums ‘Italia Square’ and ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, numerous singles and the EP ‘In The Name of The Blues’ released in 2024.
Her recording work features a spellbinding mix of blues, rock, and jazz.
She’s receiving rave reviews and worldwide radio airplay. One of the more popular songs, ‘Love Me Tonight’ is hitting millions views. The gospel-tinged ballad, ‘New Day Calling’, was licensed for use in the soundtrack of the movie, ‘Distant Sun’.
Her albums includes contributions by a host of top musician’s including Mick Simpson, Dave Hunt, Andrius Linsdell, Pete Nelson, and Bob Steves and Giovanni Bruno.


Eva Carboni loves to walk on a land between blues and rock. Her voice goes from warmth and sensuality to flights on dizzy notes, which can have an acidic, scratchy or desperate sound. Eva is never the same in her interpretations, sometimes she lets her soul shine through with intensity, sometimes she is sensual and calm, sometimes she just tells a story, almost with purposeful detachment.
In her first 14-track album ‘Italia Square’ (2019), the blues ballad written by Mick Simpson and Andy Littlewood, ‘Love me Tonight’ immediately brought her to the fore on the international blues scene, an intense song in which her voice reaches straight to the heart, with Mick Simpson’s warm guitar lines. Many other great songs on that album were entrusted to her by Andy Littlewood, that is author or co-author of all Eva’s songs, such as the beautiful ‘Dark Clouds’ with a smoky taste Jazzy-blues and ‘Good Times’ with a 50s flavour, the rock anthem “You Don’t Know” and ‘Forever Long’, a poignant rock ballad with an Irish perfume,’The Witching Hour’ with voodoo atmospheres and ‘New Day Calling’, ‘Quit while I’m Ahead’, ‘A women Scorned’, ‘Wages of Sin’, ‘Italia Square’, ‘Primrose Path’, ‘Sail on Bye’, ‘New York City Lights’. Rock, blues, jazz, gospel, many flavors, different scenarios connected by the infinite shades of color of Eva’s voice.
Her second album, ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ was released in 2022. It contains 12 tracks signed by Andy Littlewood including one written by Eva along with Andy, ‘That Night’, her official debut as a songwriter.
The album, in which Andy as always also contributes in an excellent way with guitars, keyboards, bass, and backing vocals, starts immediately with a solid rock song ‘Building a Wall’, where the voice of Eva sings dry lines as stilettate that fully reveal her part of rock soul, thumping bass and scorching guitar lines. In ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ track cleverly sewn on her by her brilliant producer the voice becomes intense and dramatic with a tone a little mocking and irreverent, perfect guitar style of Giovanni Bruno.
In the striking blues ballad ‘Call My Name’ Eva’s voice floats with bright and warm colors in a suspended atmosphere and once again creates a magic with the guitar of Mick Simpson, enough to push Andy Littlewood to release an extended mix of 7 minutes outside the album.
Her first song as a published songwriter, written with Andy Littlewood, ‘That Night’ is a powerful ballad steeped in mysticism where the voice sounds intensely immersed in the story of a confused soul who gets lost and then finds the path. The stylized voice meets the blues harmonica of Dave Hunt in “Bad Blood” creating a smoky atmosphere of dark magic of great effect. In “Gonna Find a Way” Eva flies light, but decided without neglecting slight dramatic tones, then she gets really excited telling a story of another time in the beautiful plot that Andy built, also playing the piano, in ‘The Winter of ’51’, she gets emotional as if she really lived that moment all emphasized by the melancholy sound of piano and guitar. In “Crossed a Line” Eva enjoys playing with Giovanni Bruno who unleashes himself in a heavy assault of guitar soaked wah-wah from arena, but becomes soft and sensual winking at Marilyn in ‘Sweet Mystery’. Still different shades and atmospheres and flavors in the other songs like ‘Midnight Blue’ accompanied by the shrill guitar of Andy Littlewood , or ‘Another Door Closes’ from the color of the fifties and the meditative journey of ‘Going Back Home’.
Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony writes in Blues Blast: “Thankfully her accent is minor, causing a few words to pass your ears, but not biggie. Her voice is so strong and sexy that you hardly notice”.
While working on the new album, some other singles were released, including, in December 2023, ‘The Magic’ written by Eva and Andy. It is a motivational song, a hymn to the search for one’s own identity and inner strength, in search of one’s own essence, imbued with the desire to free oneself from the burdens and conditioning of the past. The EP ‘In The Name of The Blues’ comes out in early 2024 and is a solid combination in 6 tracks of rock and blues, ‘In the Name of the Blues’, classic blues story of love disappointment accompanied by alcohol and good music, ‘The South Wind Blows’ another beautiful slow blues song that Andy and Eva give us, with the magical atmosphere that their artistic collaboration always manages to create. The tones get warm and rock with ‘Stony Ground’, and ‘That Devil Man’ another hot story in a rock-blues key. The EP brings together two other pearls that were previously released as singles, the rebellious and incisive ‘Independence Street’ and the intense epic rock ballad ‘We Come Alive’ where Eva’s heart pieces mix with the red-hot guitar of Mick Simpson.
Over the past few years she has performed with musician’s such as Derek Wilson, Mario Schilliro (Zucchero), Mick Simpson and Vic Martin (Gary Moore), and she also sung with artists like Buddy Guy, Marco Mendoza, Roy Rogers, Sergio Caputo. The new band is made up of five-star musicians such as the usual friends Mick Simpson, Vic Martin and new great surprises, who will accompany Eva on the new dates, starting in summer 2024 with the release of the eagerly awaited new album.
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